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Sound Medicine Workshop
with Angela Blueskies

An All-levels Workshop Friday, May 4, 6-7:30pm

Angela with Singing Bowl

Many health professionals now encourage yoga, meditation, and other body awareness and breathing practices to interrupt the cycle of chronic stress and support the body’s natural capacity to heal.

While all forms of meditation and self-awareness are beneficial, the part of the brain that engages with sound is directly connected to memory and emotion. Sound Medicine embraces this connection, engaging the parasympathetic nervous system to initiate a deep state of relaxation and bring the body-mind to a state of greater clarity, calm and balance.

This workshop will introduce participants to an experience guided by an artistic mastery of tools and instruments, as well as a thorough understanding of the energetics of sound to promote healing of body, mind, and spirit.

Open to students of any skill level who want to explore the modality of sound to promote health and healing.

Sound Medicine

About Angela

Angela was classically trained at the Peabody Conservatory of Music. As a student she began to connect with music beyond the confines of her formal training and found herself drawn not only to practices of mind/body presence, but also to working with sound as a tool for meditation.

She has performed in concert halls, churches, schools, yoga studios, temples, in nature, and in sacred ceremony across four continents. She is a certified Reiki Master.

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