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The Gateway of the Hips
Saturday, October 22, 2-5pm with Aaron Cantor

The hips are the gateway into almost all yoga postures They play a crucial role in forward bending, back bending, twisting, balancing and even inversions. Learning how to open and intelligently strengthen this very important junction will have a tremendous effect on your yoga practice and the body’s ease of being in general.

Using traditional yoga asanas, movement-based exercises, anatomical references, and visualization we will come to a greater understanding and heightened awareness of the complex relationship between the various bones, muscles and joints of the pelvis. With this new understanding, familiar poses gain depth and more challenging poses can be approached systematically in order to empower and motivate you to keep practicing them.

All levels welcome and encouraged because we can all learn from each other.

Cost: $45. | $35. for current Yoga Now students. Please register for this workshop by visiting or calling 617.947.9488

About Aaron Cantor
With his life and yoga partner, Chandra Cantor, Aaron has studied with Erich Schiffman, Tias Little, Beryl Bender Birch, Richard Freeman, Angela Farmer & Victor Van Kooten, Barbara Benagh, Duncan Wong, Patricia Walden, Kathy McNames, at White Lotus with Ganga White & Tracy Rich, and with David Williams, Dharma Mitra, Lino Miele and many more lesser known but equally wonderful yogis and yoginis.

Aaron's personal practice blends circus arts, dance, meditation, energy work, martial arts, and various forms of yoga. He loves revolutionizing the way people perceive yoga, their bodies and the world around them.

Aaron leads workshops, private sessions and classes in the Boston and New England area and is a member of the faculty of Yoga 301.



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