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Manifesting Mindful Vinyasa
A workshop cultivating mindfulness in movement.

Sunday, March 9, 2:30-5pm with Charles Faris

In this workshop you will:

* Learn how to work with your shoulders, hips, and hands in every pose, and use these simple basics of alignment and breath to supercharge your practice and move through your vinyasa with greater ease and comfort.

*Practice these universal principles with basic asanas as well as with some of the trickier poses: chaturanga, ardha chandrasana, bakasana (crow pose), and sirsasana (headstand).

*Flow with your new knowledge and confidence in a full-on vinyasa practice.

Perfect for power yogis, vinyasa yogis, and ashtangis.

Cost: $35. for current Yoga Now students.

$45. for others

Reserve now and pay later for this workshop or call 617.947.9488

About Charles Faris
A practicing yogi since 1998, Charles began teaching in 2003 after training with renowned ashtanga yogi Dave Swenson. He deepened his teaching abilities that same year studying vinyasa flow with old-school Southern California yogis Ganga White and Tracy Rich. Since 2004 he has focused his yoga studies on the Universal Principles of Anusara Yogas as explicated by John Friend. His goal as a teacher is to help his students learn to practice safely and confidently as they learn to live the life of their dreams.



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